Carson $8.50 flat rate

  • Sold By: Carson Alexander Trexler
    The biggest-ever cape sundew is finally here! Hardly ever offered in cultivation, Drosera capensis "Montague Pass" smothers the competition in a mire of long red leaves and tall flower stalks with blooms numbering well into the 30s. The whole plant takes on an orange coloration in strong light, and pushes 18" in diameter when full-grown. When it comes to sheer size, "Montague Pass" is more like a fork-leaf sundew than a cape! Yours are young plants in 4" round pots. Shipping is calculated as $6.50 + ([quantity] x 2). Plants will be shipped the Tuesday following your order.
  • Sold By: Carson Alexander Trexler
    Who doesn't love a BIG white-top pitcher specimen? What about one you can call uniquely your own? These are seed-grown plants, each a unique sibling of the same brood. Each is showing full color potential and prime health. The progeny from this pure S. leucophylla cross have proven to be big, beefy, and fast-growing. Prominent features of this cross are *extremely* white upper portions of the traps with broad mouths and generous lips. These plants have been kept indoors under lights to accelerate their growth. As super-sized seedlings, they will not need dormancy until next Fall. They can be kept indoors until next spring under lights as one would keep tropical sundews. Plants are shipped bare-root with USPS Priority Mail. $8.50 shipping for the first plant + $2.00 per additional plant within one order.


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