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Carnivorous plant growing supplies

Carnivorous plants can be tricky to grow, but we’ll steer you right with our growing supplies, covering water to lighting and everything in between. Let us know if there’s something you need that we’re missing, and we’ll try to get it for you!

  • Sold By: Carnivorous Plant Resource
    Spritzing your carnivorous plants to increase humidity? Foliar feeding your plants (maybe using Maxsea) to boost growth? Either way, this is a tried and true, inexpensive spray bottle for your horticultural needs. From the manufacturer:
    This 32 oz. spray bottle has an adjustable nozzle and translucent bottle to easily see liquid levels. It can be used for a variety of home and garden applications.
  • Sold By: Carnivore Culture
    One 4"round, plastic pot and CP soil (peat, sand, perlite) to fill it . Suitable for a wide variety of CP such as Pinguicula, Drosera, and Sarracenia.  The pot will arrive filled with dry CP mix.  You must add 120ml (1/2 cup, 4 oz.) of water and mix thoroughly and then place into the pot and you are all set to plant your new CP.
  • Sold By: Carnivore Culture
    Cold Weather Shipping Kit consists of an insulated box and a 72 hour heat pack to ensure live arrival of sensitive plants during winter.
  • Sold By: Carnivorous Plant Resource
    Foliar feeding, misting for humidity, or spraying a pesticide? This little beauty takes a few pressurizing pumps to power a lasting mist of whatever you're serving up! From the manufacturer:
    This is a heavy duty, refillable pump sprayer. It features an adjustable brass spray nozzle. Capacity is 64 oz/1.9 L. Use to apply most pest/disease control products, foliar sprays, or cleaning agents.
  • Sold By: Carnivorous Plant Resource
    Like other pressurized sprayers, but mo' bigger! Chose from 0.5, 1, 2, or 3 gallon sprayers based on your needs. Anything larger, you'll want as a backpack with comfortable straps because it will be heavy to cary around. From the manufacturer:
    All purpose sprayer ideal for herbicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizers and many home applications! Funnel top opening makes for easy filling. Trigger with a lock-on option can be engaged for a continuous spraying. Translucent polyethylene for durability and easy viewing of liquid levels. Carry with the grip handle or use the included shoulder strap. Includes a pressure relieve valve and a 3 foot hose.
  • Sold By: Carnivorous Plant Resource
    Maxsea is a great all-purpose fertilizer for those carnivorous plants that can handle it. I use it as a foliar feed with most Nepenthes, and will even fill up pitchers with a diluted concentration (too much fertilizer can cause the pitcher to get crispy). Many growers use it on top of insect feeding, while others use it as the primary, or only source of nutrients for their plants. It has a 16-16-16 NPK (Nitrogen-Phosphorous-Potassium) macronutrient ratio. Maxsea All Purpose Plant Food works well with other plants, also - it's designed for year round use on all indoor and outdoor plants. From the manufacturer:
    A regular feeding program will promote vigorous, sturdy plants with distinct, dark, seaweed green foliage, quality blossoms, and abundant fruit and vegetables. Comprised of primary plant foods nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. A full spectrum of important secondary elements and micronutrients provide sulfur, boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc. The seaweed granules in Maxsea® contain over 60 recognized elements all found to be beneficial to plants.
  • Sold By: Carnivorous Plant Resource
    Bonide is a systemic pest control that will be absorbed by and stay with your plants for an extended period of time (sometimes, a month or more). During this period, it will continue to fight off pests like thrips or scale on Sarracenia and Nepenthes. This is great for killing multiple generations of pests that may be impervious to other insecticides while they're in an egg or larval state. From the manufacturer:
    Economical, long lasting insect control for ornamental gardens, shrubs and trees. Use as little as 1 tablespoon/gal.
  • Sold By: Carnivorous Carnivores
    Mites are one of the most common pests for Venus flytraps and Nepenthes. Avid abamectin 0.15 EC is a must-have miticide for combating mites. Dilution is 0.04 FL OZ per 1 GAL of water, or 1.2mL per 1 GAL of water. This listing is for a 2 FL OZ aliquot of Avid, enough for 50 gallons of spray. Package will also include instructions and pipettes for transfer. For the home grower, miticides at big box stores are few and largely ineffective. Commercial pest control stores sell large quantities of miticides, far more than you’ll ever need. I am offering a smaller quantity for a cheaper price, taken from a gallon drum to recuperate costs.
  • Sold By: Carnivorous Plant Resource
    Like Bonide, this is another systemic pesticide option that will stick with your plant for an extended period of time and kill multiple generations of pests, should their be eggs that hatch at a later date. From the manufacturer:
    Promis, Aphid, Thrip and White Fly Killer dissolved in water and applied to soil is absorbed by the roots. Once absorbed, it moves through the entire plant to protect against insects. This product also moves into and protects new growth after application. To control insects, the insecticide must distribute completely throughout the plant. Rain or water cannot wash off Promis inside the plant. See plant specific restrictions for pre-harvest interval. If no pre-harvest interval is listed, then product may be applied up to and including day of harvest.
  • Sold By: Carnivorous Plant Resource
    We've written extensively about why water matters for your carnivorous plants, and the conclusion is that rainwater and reverse osmosis are the way to go. For those without year-round rainwater collection options, here's a great, relatively inexpensive reverse osmosis system to help supplement your watering needs. From the manufacturer:
    Reverse osmosis is one of the most cost effective and efficient ways to remove the majority of all contaminants from your water. Ideal H2O® Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems produce up to 200 gallons per day of ultra-pure, low parts per million (PPM) water. These 3 Stage RO systems remove up to 98% of chlorine, 30% of chloramine and 90% of sediment, silt and rust. The Ideal H2O™ Systems include a high quality poly spun sediment pre-filter and an eco-friendly coconut carbon pre-filter. Ideal H2O® RO Systems also come with a 1:1 clean water to waste water ratio flow restrictor. This process wastes 40% less water than other RO systems on the market. Proudly assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Sold By: Carnivorous Plant Resource
    We’ve covered the basics of carnivorous plant lighting in our terrarium article here. We think LEDs are the way to go because they’re super efficient, long-lasting, and adjustable. Here, we offer a 175 watt and 265 watt option. The 175 watt option is the square unit featured in the photos while the 265 watt option is the rectangular unit. Please choose the one that works for your needs, below. From the manufacturer:
    AgroLED® has many advantages over traditional light sources including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, improved physical robustness, smaller size and faster switching. Ideal for all phases of plant growth! AgroLED® grow light models can be customized to emit only specific wavelengths of light for plant growth and flowering. Outdoor conditions are mimicked with varying color, temperatures and spectral outputs. Red light is an important factor for photosynthesis, flowering and fruiting. This red spectrum promotes plant growth, flowering and fruit fulfillment. Blue spectrum light triggers a greater vegetative response in plants.

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