Carnivorous Bromeliads

  • Sold By: Carlton Carnivores
    One of the three known carnivorous bromeliads, this species is the most commonly grown but a spectacle when mature. Adult plants develop broad, roughly linear leaves with blunt ends that grow upright in a variable manner, from fairly open like most bromeliads and green, to tightly packed together forming a single central tube with a yellow hue in very strong light. Up to two feet or more tall, it's not a small plant by any means. Available plants are between 3-6" tall; second photo shows the pups before they were removed to establish. Plants are shipped bare-root wrapped in a moist paper towel, via USPS Priority mail; I typically ship Monday-Wednesday to avoid weekend hold-overs. US shipping only. Many plants are grown in high humidity conditions and may require acclimation, unless otherwise noted. If you are expecting weather that may be detrimental to the plants if shipped, please message me upon making your order! Shipping cost includes heat pack for winter conditions. If there are issues with the plants upon arrival, please contact me within 48 hours of receipt.
  • Sold By: Ferocious Foliage
    Offered for sale are pups from Brocchinia reducata, a carnivorous bromeliad native to South America.  Your plant could vary in size from approximately 3" to 12" in height.  They are un-bloomed offsets. You will receive 1 pup that may or may not have roots at the base of the plants.  No worries, the roots are only used to anchor the plant in place.  I recommend diatomite and coconut coir for potting media, but any well-draining mix will do.  Shipping for Brocchinia is $15 for Priority Mail delivery regardless of the quantity of plants ordered from my shop.  We ship Mondays and Tuesdays.


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