Carnivorous Plants for Sale|Carnivorous Plants for Sale

  • Sold By: Ferocious Foliage
    You will be purchasing the perennial species Byblis gigantea (typical form).  The mature plant illustrated is 1 year old and actually a hybrid, it is just meant to be a guide for what this plant will resemble once mature.  You will be purchasing a tissue culture plant in sterile media.  It may not have roots.  Please note that the cultures pictured are of this species but you will only get one "tube", not a set of 5.  Wash the media off the plant and pot it up.  I suggest 3:2:1 perlite: sand:peat.  Keep the humidity high while the plant acclimates and keep shaded until it acclimates.  You can divide these prior to potting if you wish to make additional cuttings. Shipping is $12 for Priority Mail delivery regardless of the quantity of plants ordered from my shop.
  • Sold By: Jeremiah’s Plants
    Sarracenia, or North American pitcher plants are temperate carnivores hailing from - you guessed it - North America! From short and squat to tall and monstrous, solid lime green to white with red veins, diversity among this genus is astonishing. Selective breeding continues to create ever-more complex and beautiful species, hybrids and named cultivars. They just keep. getting. better. With your purchase, you will receive one of the plant featured here. It's a mature specimen and is shipped bare root. During winter, Sarracenia are dormant and pitchers are trimmed back. Come spring, they explode back to life with new pitcher growth and represent the featured photo.


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