butterwort print

  • Pinguicula Gypsicola

    Sold By: Danielle L. Art
    Pinguicula Gypsicola is native to San Luis Potosí, Mexico where it grows on gypsum rocks. It grows some of the lengthiest leaves of the pinguicula species, making it such a unique one to paint.  This watercolor print is available in both 5x7 and 8x10 and will be printed on high-quality, low-acid card stock. Each print will be hand-signed and shipped within one week of purchase. Watermark will not be on final print.  
  • Sold By: Laurelin Rian Art
    High quality, archival art print on cotton rag, Each print is 8x10". This print features the Mexican Butterwort (Pinguicula moranensis), a carnivorous plant found in Mexico and Central America, along with the Arboreal Alligator Lizard (Abronia graminea) from the same area. Each print is hand signed and packaged in a compostable bag with a rigid recycled board backer. These prints are printed to order and ship within 2 weeks of order.


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