King Henry is one of the largest varieties of Venus flytraps around and a must-have for your carnivorous plant garden. Given a deep pot and healthy growing conditions, the flytrap will reward  you with 2 inch traps at the end of long leaves/petioles. The plants for sale are mature, and there’s a limited stock, so pick one up today! Dionaea ‘King Henry’ is a vigorous grower, regularly holding 6+ traps at one time, and producing offshoots that you can let cluster into a glorious Venus flytrap bush, or divide into individual specimen plants. Shipping note: Mesa Exotics charges $10.00 flat rate shipping to the continental US regardless of how many flytraps you purchase. Plants ship every Monday and Tuesday and they normally take about 2 days to reach you. Venus flytraps are dormant during winter and ship bare root. Shipping during dormancy is ideal as it minimizes stress on the plant, and allows them to roar back to life come spring! Don Elkins of Mesa Exotics selectively hybridized this variety of Venus flytrap into existence in 2011 and is happy to offer it to you through Carnivorous Plant Resource!