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    Originally given the botanical name Drosera x beleziana but renamed Drosera x eloisiana, this cultivar is a naturally occurring hybrid temperate sundew (D. intermedia x D. rotundifolia) originating from Ocean County, NJ that is more vigorous and larger than either parent species. Its leaf shape is intermediate between its parents, but tends to resemble the spoonleaf sundew more. Though infertile, it was found overgrowing its parent species in its natural habitat because of its vigor! You will receive 1 young adult sized plant, bareroot.
  • Sold By: JerseyDevilCarnivorousPlants
    The Roundleaf Sundew, Drosera rotundifolia "NJ Pine Barrens" is a relatively small but very easy to care for sundew with genetics hailing from the Pine Barrens of NJ (produced by seed or clone). This species grows in a rosetted form with long petioles and a round shaped sticky trap at the end. These traps will curl over their prey items like grasping something in your palm. In my experience, whereas most sundews are perfectly happy being blasted with sunlight, these roundleaf sundews prefer part shade or less intense sun, perfect for a windowsill. Drosera rotundifolia was one of Charles Darwin's favorite species, discussed in his second most famous work "Insectivorous Plants"!!! This is a temperate variety and requires a winter dormancy. You will receive 1 adult plant, bareroot.


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