One of the classic “rainbow plant” species, and also one of the largest. This taxon will develop scrambling, branching stems that may measure several feet in length, covered in filiform leaves and the entire plant coated in various length sticky tentacles. Under good light, plants will often blush with purple-red, and when fed heavily may produce one to several, or in some cases dozens, of large, electric violet flowers with contrasting bright yellow anthers in the middle. These are more or less annuals, though they can be grown from stem cuttings many times, and new seeds are best sown to continue a colony.

Packets contain 15-20+ seeds each. This species requires GA3 or smoke treatment in order to trigger germination, and plants are best grown in large pots with sand wet soil in hot, strong light conditions.

Seeds are shipped in padded envelopes to avoid damage in transit, via USPS mail. US shipping only. As seeds can take time and sometimes special treatments in order to germinate properly, returns cannot be accepted and refunds are not available upon receipt of the seed packets. If a package is lost in transit, please contact as soon as possible.