Known by many names, Datura inoxia is a fast-growing annual plant native to the southern US and Central/South America that can display in a number of forms depending on conditions, from a small and scraggly herb to a bush up to 4 feet or more tall. The velvety leaves give off a pungent odor when disturbed, and the flowers, similar to their cousins the Angel’s Trumpets, are large funnel-shaped white blooms that face skyward and are edged in odd tendrils. The seedpods provide another common name, thorn-apple, being incredibly spiky and moderately large. This is not a plant to be grown where small children or unwise animals may be present, as it is also famed for containing powerful psychoactive toxins and should not be eaten in any fashion.

Packets contain approx. 10 seeds, and need no special treatment.

Seeds are shipped in padded envelopes to avoid damage in transit, via USPS mail (First Class or Priority). US shipping only. As seeds can take time and sometimes special treatments in order to germinate properly, returns cannot be accepted and refunds are not available upon receipt of the seed packets. If a package is lost in transit, please contact as soon as possible.