Dionaea muscipula 50 seeds, 2021 harvest


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My Venus flytrap seed was hand harvested July 2021 from plants that I myself had grown from seed and were left to be pollinated by insects. The seed in question was sourced from “deluxe mixed cultivars”, which means we’re 2 generations in now! Many interesting plants grew from seed; red coloration, giant traps, short teeth, all green, ground hugging, elongated traps, extra long petioles, extra short petioles, you name it. Enjoy the same process I went through all those years ago! You will receive 50 seeds. Free shipping and no inspection required on seed-only orders.

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50 fresh Dionaea muscipula seeds hand harvested in July 2021. Free shipping and no inspection required on seed-only orders.

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1 review for Dionaea muscipula 50 seeds, 2021 harvest

  1. casey dial (verified owner)

    I purchased both the seeds from JerseyDevilCarnivoursPlants as well as from Jeremiah’s collection.

    JerseyDevil provided far more than 50 seeds, Thank You!!!! Jeremiah’s were right around the 20 promised.

    Two weeks after sowing them i have almost 90% success with JerseyDevil while zero Luck with the 20 seeds from Jeremiah’s collection. All seeds were kept in the same seed starter, same soil conditions, same lighting, ect. This is my first time attempting to grow from seed so i am not giving up on Jeremiah just yet, but can say with confidence Jersey Devil provided a superior product this time.

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