Drosera prolifera | Sundew

Drosera prolifera | Sundew


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Drosera prolifera is a delightful tropical sundew from the rainforests of Queensland, Australia. It is also known as the “Hen and Chicks Sundew” because, in addition to small flowers, the scapes produce tiny new plants! The latin name, prolifera, means “proliferate:” to increase rapidly in numbers or multiply.

Even though a single plant may be small, we would highly recommend placing your plant in a pot that’s a good 6 inches wide so that there’s enough room for it to send out scapes and produce new plants which will, in turn, send out scapes and produce new plants.

This is a great little sundew for the terrarium. It loves to be humid and moist in a mossy mix.

Out of stock

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Brambles Botanicals is run by husband and wife team Howard and Beastie Bramble in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We’re small-scale, hobbyist growers selling the extra plants that we just don’t have any room for. We both have a range of experience but we specialize in carnivorous plants, especially tropical butterworts and their hybridization. We have been producing our own Pinguicula hybrids for a few years now and are excited to be releasing some brand new, named, in-house cultivars as well as some age-old classics and species. We are also the proud registrars of Pinguicula ‘Faulisi.’ (See Volume 51, No. 3 of the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, published September 2022.) We hope you enjoy our selection and we appreciate your business!

We ship USA only on Mondays and Tuesdays using USPS Priority Mail. We will send you a tracking number as soon as your order has been mailed. On the week that they are shipped, your plants should arrive before the weekend. During the colder months, we include non-negotiable heat packs which are included in the shipping price. If there are any issues with the plants upon arrival, please contact as soon as possible but within 48 hours.


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