Nepenthes Card

Nepenthes Card


Nepenthes card featuring a watercolour bicalcarata illustration.

Designed and printed in the UK.

Support the ‘Just A Card’ movement and help independent artists by purchasing original artwork and prints.

Sold By: Wilful Ink


This nepenthes card features the fanged Nepenthes bicalcarata and an unfortunate ladybird.

I originally draw all illustrations by hand. Firstly I draw the outline in ink and add shading in detailed dot work. I then add vibrant watercolours.

The designs are faithfully reproduced digitally onto matt card.

Each card is blank inside for your message and supplied with a white envelope.

This nepenthes card would make a fantastic botanical valentines card for someone that prefers green plants to red hearts.

Just A Nepenthes Card

I originally started by designing wallpaper. As my designs are all manufactured in the UK. This has made them a luxury item. I wanted to be able to offer a range of products so anyone could own a piece of Wilful Ink, regardless of budget.

Recently a movement has started called ‘Just A Card’. This campaign by Sarah Hamilton seeks to show people how important it is to support the creatives you admire. It all came from a poignant photo from a closed gallery’s window. It said”If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought ‘just a card‘ we’d still be open”

When you buy from a small independent business you are enabling them to carry on doing what they love. And in so doing, they can keep making the things that you love!


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