Purpurea ssp. Purpurea

Purpurea ssp. Purpurea


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Purpurea Subspecies Purpurea is a truly fascinating plant. With gorgeous colorations of burgundy, these plants are found in the northern most part of the purpurea range. The plants are quite hardy and can even be found in the wilds of Canada. This subspecies sports wide lids and bulbous tubes.

This Subspecies Purpurea has 1 growth point and stands 2.5 inches tall. The plant is currently in a 4 inch pot

The plant in the picture is the exact plant for sale. Not a division, but the entire plant. I currently ship Plants out on Monday’s and Thursdays, Because I don’t like for plants to sit over the weekend. So please allow a few days before shipping. I ship all plants bare root wrapped in moist paper towel. Due to county regulations, it is illegal for me to ship plants potted. I leave the pitchers on (except during dormancy) and do my best to ship with as little damage as possible. However, I cannot guarantee that the leaves or flowers will arrive undamaged. They are delicate after all.


Out of stock

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All plants are grown in beautiful Fort Bragg, California. We ship bare root and via USPS Priority with all tags and labels.  Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to ship international.

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