Sarracenia alata “Black” (Orgel’s original stock)

Sarracenia alata “Black” (Orgel’s original stock)


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S. alata “Black” is one of the OG’s (original gems) that my mentor Karen Oudean provided to me several years ago. Originally from Orgel’s Orchids in Florida and obtained by Oudean in 1997. Displays a wide form with stunning linear venation and red-black suffusion of color on chartreuse-green. Comes into its best in late summer. We especially enjoy the ‘flying nun’ shape of the lid!

Check the gallery photos to spot the Pacific tree frog!

These plants are 1st-year divisions that were potted in January. Yours will be unpotted and shipped BARE-ROOT based on your size selection(s). Plants will be packaged with care and shipped out on Mondays and/or Tuesdays via USPS (1st Class or Priority at 1-3 days time in transit). Shipping is a simple $10 flat-rate, so be sure to bulk up and take advantage of these great offers!

Sold By: Jeff Greene’s Carnivorous Plants


All our hardy plant stock is grown outdoors year-round in NW Oregon, USA.

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