Sarracenia leucophylla B2007108 Georgia

Sarracenia leucophylla B2007108 Georgia


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This clone of Sarracenia leucophylla originated from a now extinct population in Georgia. It was sourced from Barry Rice and UC Davis, B2007108 being the UC Davis collection ascension number. It is a really fantastic plant. Tall pitchers and very white tops, everything you could want from a S. leucophylla. This clone is my favorite leucophylla in my collection by far. These are medium divisions from my mother plant and are near flowering/ flowering sized.  Rhizomes are currently dormant and will be shipped bare root. The plants have been growing outside in Southern California and are nice and hardy.

Out of stock

Sold By: Shawn Shumaker (Coastal Carnivores)


You will receive one bare root rhizome sized for a 4-5 inch pot. Plants are currently dormant and will not have pitchers. In Southern California these plants usually start growing in late March. Shipping is $8.00 flat rate.

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