A cross with giant, colorful potential; the pod parent is a vermillion plant with red-on-red veining and an angular, gaping mouth not unlike the form of ‘Reptilian Rose’, and the pollen parent is a mimic of the famous ‘Leah Wilkerson’, a red and white giant with richer color. Offspring are likely to be vigorous, high-contrast in color, and may sport angular mouths; with any luck, this may produce plants with similar appearances to “Chaos” or “Crown of Thorns.”

Packets contain approximately 20 seeds, and require cold stratification.

Seeds are shipped in padded envelopes to avoid damage in transit, via USPS mail (First Class or Priority). US shipping only. As seeds can take time and sometimes special treatments in order to germinate properly, returns cannot be accepted and refunds are not available upon receipt of the seed packets. If a package is lost in transit, please contact as soon as possible.