Sarracenia x “Night Sky x Leah’s Child”

Sarracenia x “Night Sky x Leah’s Child”

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Sarracenia x “Night Sky x Leah’s Child” is a white topped complex hybrid pitcher plant. This specimen here is a very beautiful with nice slim white upper pitchers. Unlike pure leucophylla which can sometimes be a tad finicky and slower growing IMO, this specimen benefits from hybrid vigor and grows fast, tall, and divides regularly! I often call it my “budget White Knight” due its passing resemblance to aforementioned cultivar. It is primarily white and tends to be more green, but some red will fill in the veins around the mouth and throat of the pitchers. If you are in the market for cheaper, impressive, and vigorous white-topped style pitcher plants then look no further!

Size options:

Small- Juvenile, may or may not have adult pitchers

Medium- Adult pitchers, may or may not be of flowering size

Large- Adult pitchers, of flowering size and may have 1 or more growth points.

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Sarracenia x “Night Sky x Leah’s Child” is a white topped complex hybrid pitcher plant. Vigorous and gorgeous!


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Small, Medium, Large


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