Jeff Greene’s Carnivorous Plants

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Carnivorous plants are Jeff Greene’s life passion. It all began with a Cobra Lily, purchased at age 9 in San Diego during the 1970’s. Soon, he began adventuring to see Darlingtonia sites in the wild and finding community with established growers. A career move to Oregon in 2005 proved he had landed in the ideal climate to cultivate all his bog gardening and CP nursery dreams.

Jeff gives his greatest thanks to his long-time friend and personal mentor, Karen Oudean of Willow Creek Nursery - a true female pioneer in the CP industry. Karen herself worked closely with Jeff to ensure that the best specimens from her empire were included in his collection prior to her retirement in 2017. A great number of Jeff's botanical gems from Karen also reflect the early work of her dear friend Jerry Addington, the Wizard of Sarracenia.

Through his work, Jeff has built a solid reputation as a trusted friend and dedicated sponsor of California, Oregon and Washington based CP societies and meetups, establishing unique collaborations with several of the most premier local growers in the business. He builds our community and horticultural preservation through these partnerships, and enjoys talking plants with both new and seasoned enthusiasts at countless events, as a mobile vendor at various garden and reptile shows along the western U.S.

Follow us to see the latest offerings and to see where he will be next in your area! Lots more exciting things to come!


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