A typical Venus flytrap does not mean it is an ordinary plant. It simply means the exact heritage of the plant is unknown, and so it falls into a catch-all category of "typical" as to not mislabel it as something it isn't. That said, as you can see, this typical Dionaea muscipula is anything but - with luscious red and green traps, and a propensity to clump, you'll have a colorful, living, murder-carpet in no-time! Priced right, this is a great beginners plant to cut your teeth on, or a perfect solution for filling in that empty space in your bog garden. It grows easily outdoors in temperate climates, or in greenhouses. The photos feature a clump of my propagation stock of these unique Venus flytraps, and you will receive one mature plant from this group with your purchase. Shipping options are outlined below, and as little as $5.00 for first class shipping, regardless of quantity of plants ordered from my shop (Jeremiah's Plants).